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You have before you one of the paragraphs of the poem entitled Cançon dera Garona (Song of the Garona) by Father Jusèp Condo Sambeat. This poem, by the Aranese parish priest and writer, was awarded the bronze medal at the Floral Games of the School of the Pyrenees in Bologna in 1913 and is found in the novel, Era Isla des Diamants (The Island of Diamonds), which includes all of his literary pieces.

“Eth parlar que jo vos dèishi
The language that I leave you
Com ua pèrla sauvatz-lo,
Treasure it like a pearl
Com un bèth jardin sauclatz-lo.
Like a beautiful garden remove the weeds
Non cambietz!
Don’t change!
Tostemp gascons!”
Always Gasconne!

Cancon dera Garona de mossen Jusep Condo Sambeat4 Cancon dera Garona de mossen Jusep Condo Sambeat3

The Lengua Viua organization, created in 1992 to promote the social use of Aranese, has chosen this phrase due to its clear demand for the conservation of our most beloved treasure, the Aranese language. We placed it on the walls of the Vielha City Hall on October 19, 2019 on the occasion of the centenary of the poet's death.
The objective of the organization was none other than to pay homage to our most distinguished writer, but also to make his request visible for the protection of the language, which we also make ours. In this way, we wish to awaken in the Aranese the need to esteem and protect the language, while we share it with all who visit us.

The act of unveiling this sign was made possible by representatives of the Lengua Viua organization itself, section of the Fundacion Privada deth Musèu Etnologic dera Val d'Aran (Private Foundation of the Val d’Aran Musuem) and the Vielha City Council, which provided the space, as you can see in these photographs that Miguel Fernández took for the organization.

Lengua Viua wanted to have, at the event, the presence of Mosen Jusèp Amiell, who was Archpriest of Aran for 23 years, Lengua Viua Award winner in 1991, and who knows the person and work of this writer very well.
You can find more information about Monsignor Condó Sambeat in the work Era Isla des Diamantes from the Library of the School of the Pyrenees published in 1981 and also in the work of the same title in its standardized version by the Conselh Generau d'Aran in 2006 .

For more information on the Lengua Viua organization, you can go to the our Facebook page or the Foundation’s website:
Lengua Viua placed a sculpture by the designer, André Ricard, son of an Aranese woman, author among other works of the Barcelona Olympic torch in 1992, in front of the Aran Government headquarters in 2008. Likewise, every year the Corsa Aran per sa Lengua takes place which brings together a thousand people on the last Sunday of July.


Cancon dera Garona de mossen Jusep Condo Sambeat


Cancon dera Garona de mossen Jusep Condo Sambeat6

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